IOBags is an expression of authentic style, refinement, natural elegance, and creativity. IOBags draws on the rich tradition of the Czech leather-goods industry, but at the same time looks to the future - both in the quality of manufacturing and in the design.

IOBags products are made of top-quality Italian leather in combination with natural, but also with technical materials. Each product is hand made, such that the authenticity and the highest standard of quality are secured.

IOBags speaks to a sophisticated customer. IOBags does not yield to short-lived trends of the day, yet it is abreast of the times. IOBags represents priceless, yet modern design; functional aesthetics, subtle elegance, and precision in detail.

The world of IOBags marries functionality and beauty, simplicity and subtlety, in a unique product – the perfect leather handbag

For IOBags, the functionality of the product is the defining value. The aesthetics of the purse is determined by its function. At the same time functionality does not go to the detriment of the aesthetic side. The idea of IOBags is to bring into life a handbag that will be an ideal daily companion of the person wearing it. It will become a part of the identity of the person. It’s a product that is so easy to use, that it becomes your part.

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